Why paid for advertising on Facebook is a good thing!


Recently I’ve found myself using the term ‘Bang for your Buck’, and I am only too aware that is not native to my mother tongue (British English).

I’m sure we all know it means ‘Value for Money’ and let’s face it we all love a bit of that.  Before I give you the context of why I’ve started using it, let me jump back two years to when I left my old life working in the world of radio broadcasting and embraced digital marketing.  How to be a success in social media has not changed in that time, the principles are exactly the same – think good quality, engaging, sharable content that resonates with your audience and you are in the right place.  But when it comes to achieving the same results now as back in 2012, the goal posts have been moved considerably.

Organic reach is at an all time low on Facebook.  The free party is over. The algorithm has become far more complex so it can deliver better content to its users (the very people you are trying to reach). It also does something else that’s vital to it’s very existence – serve it’s shareholders and generate more revenue.  Charging business users to continue their marketing joy ride.  So now it’s pay to play if you want to reach the same numbers (of people) as you must invest money and time in making good advert copy that stands out.  I’m not making any revelations yet I know, but here we go…

Paying for ads, can yield you much better results than the days of old.  Yes you read correct.  I actually mean it.  When it comes to Facebook for Business I genuinely believe that paying for exposure has made it a better platform for advertisers.  You end up reaching precisely those that you want to reach.

When you pay, you think more carefully about your content.  Facebook is no longer the new toy, it’s over ten years old. Quality control from the users end has become tighter, they won’t stand for ‘junk’ and it has never been easier to ‘Hide this post’, or worse still ‘Hide all Posts’, or even the catastrophic ‘Unfollow this page’.  So good content is key, which is one of the benefits, we think more about what we are pushing out there as a business.  The other benefit is where you really do get ‘Bang for Buck’ when you compare your spend to other means of advertising.

I could write pages and pages about how digital marketing spend is rocketing upward, and how conventional media doesn’t make the same impact as it once did, before Social Media joined the party and wanted to claim it’s own slice of the monthly marketing budget.  Some find this impossible to stomach, but it’s started already – and it’s only going one way, upward of course.

The real headline is like this, let’s pretend you sell camping tents for the great outdoors…  When you want to advertise your business that sells the ‘all weather nylon 2000’ (possibly not the greatest name for a tent?) you turn to Facebook BUT you only pay for who you want to reach and if that’s 0.5% of the local market then great! You no longer also pay for the other 99.5% and why on earth should you want to?  So you can get complete blanket coverage?  So you can bore people with absolutely no interest in camping outdoors with your advert?  Those days are becoming confined to history, faster than some imagine.

But does it work?  If your spend is right, and your copy is strong whilst you’ve targeted the correct demographic for your product/service/event it absolutely does work.

Are you getting the most out of your Facebook Advertising?  Have you not tried it yet?  You really might want to.  Trust me on this.