Time-Lapse Video app used on the move

If there’s one thing that we’ll say to our new Social Media clients (whether they be a K9 health pool or a local Aberdeenshire Cafe/Restaurant) You are surrounded by great content, it’s everywhere.

With almost every single customer walking through your door, plate of great looking food leaving the Kitchen, dog entering the pool or snow falling from the sky comes visual content to help your business with its storytelling.  When you use it in a creative and timely manner you’ll be able to engage with your current audience who in turn help you get viral exposure (i.e. give you access to their own network of like-minded friends).

Now the hardest part is breaking down the content to allow the most effective means to get your message out there.  It’s also where we tend to help our clients most.  Being as creative as you can, as often as possible and learning as you go.  You learn by regularly checking on engagement, reach levels and viewing numbers of this content.

Which brings me to grabbing some video for Social Media and the use of an app in a way I’d never thought of before.

Whilst attending Autosport International 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham this week, we were about to leave the main hall and head for the airport when David suggested I try something a little different,  “It’ll be a nice short video to post before we leave” he said.  He was right.

For the next five minutes, I held my iPhone at head height and took a walk around the halls doing so with the camera switched on taking a time-lapse video.  I’m not going to deny that I looked something of a fool (not difficult to imagine) but for an idea so simple – it turned out to be a great piece of content that not only did we produce completely on the move, it was uploaded and added to the stream of creative content before catching our flight home.  Remember timing can make such a difference.

Take a look… remember 7 minutes after switching on the app we were uploading the results and heading for our flight.

Since iOS 8 the native iPhone camera app has given you the option to take a time-lapse video.  There are however a bunch of time-lapse apps available for both iOS and Android.  Take a look and get creative.  

[vimeo id=”151995804″]

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