Is The Great Facebook Likes Purge Coming?


Is the Great Facebook Likes ‘purge’ finally about to begin?

Facebook HQ have said that as of the 12 of March 2015 – inactive accounts will soon disappear from your fan followers number. But don’t panic! While this may see a drop in your overall follower numbers, it is good news and something that’s been needed for some time.

Right now the change seems to mainly targeting people who have deactivated their accounts, but it suggests that Facebook could also be cracking down on one of the biggest problems around, Fake Fans.

I think anyone with a Facebook Page has gone through the motions at some point of concentrating too hard on the number of Likes. We’d all like 1,000 likes, or maybe 5,000 or perhaps your target is nearer 10k. We all know what we think is a good number.

It’s a personal peeve of mine as it generally leads to the dullest of posts that do nothing to truly engage with your audience. It’s the classic ‘Like Bate’.

You know they type. ‘Like and Share this post and you could win a half eaten banana’. These have been rife ever since Facebook account managers started concentrating too much on the follower numbers instead of the ‘Talking About This’ metric. Not wishing to be side tracked in talking about this pet peeve of mine, I’ll summarise what this equates to. Neglect of your true followers who are looking for good quality posts that are truly sharable by obtaining new fans who really don’t care about you beyond the competition that could see them win the prize.

But there’s more! How else have you battled with the Fan number increase? Employ a ‘Social Media Expert’ to take care of things for you. Promises are made of increased followers, making you reach more people. We love it! We pay them and they deliver!

Only it’s too good to be true. They COULD go online and they buy them. In fact recently took a look at an account for a new client where precisely this had happened. Nearly two thirds of all followers had been bought. We’re talking about nearly 4,000 ‘fakes’ resulting in their second most popular city to be many many thousands of miles away, a 10 hour flight in fact. Take a look at your ‘Insights’ on Facebook and hit the ‘Fans’ menu tab and everything is revealed.

But at last, it looks like something is going to be done.

Removing memorialised and voluntarily deactivated accounts from Pages like counts is a good first step. We would love for Facebook to go one step further and find those pages that have no true purpose other than to like someone else’s page!

Why is this good news? Because for Social Media consultants like David and I we find businesses new followers the proper way. We find people who will be genuinely interested in your brand and who will be considerably more likely to buy your product. One of tools we use is a feature called ‘Lookalike Audiences’.  It can be found within the Power Editor of Facebook and allows you to place an advert that’s engaging and of interest to people very similar to your current fan base.

Remember Facebook Advertising is an incredibly powerful tool, unlike any other form of media advertising. You can pinpoint precisely which demographic you would like to see your advert and only pay for those who actively engage with it, which in turn decreases your overall spend greatly! Which other advertising medium can you do that?

If you’d prefer to grow your audience organically you should create good content that your audience are likely to share and continue to do this consistently over time. Mix up the style of posts, text, images, video, link shares and do so at the right times.

Need help with your strategies? Want training? Want to try the most engaging posts being pushed by Facebook more than any other? That’s video and we make them too, specifically for Facebook. Get in touch, we would be more than happy to help.