Social Media

Not sure where to begin when it comes to social media? Already trying and feel like you’re not getting results?

Whether it’s implementing your your social media strategy, training your team to understand social media, creating engaging content for your feed or setting up targeted advertising, we can help.

With 2.3 billion active users and 1 million new accounts being added every single day, social media is no longer a fad, it’s a way of life.

This makes it an essential platform for any business wishing to market themselves. But sadly it’s not as simple as many think.

There are so many hurdles to jump and when it comes to running an effective social media output, the two all businesses face the most are:

  • Not having an effective strategy as to what, when and where they should be posting.
  • Not having the time or the skill set to create engaging content that actually generates views, clicks and responses.

The result is a lot of time wasted spent trying to promote their business for very little return. And when it comes to running a business, wasted time is wasted money.

Does this sound familiar?

Let us help you understand what networks you should be using, what content you should be creating and how often. We can even create the content for you. If you’re needing to run a paid promotion, we’re experts at that too.

Every client is different. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK, from solo entrepreneurs to companies with hundreds of employees. We’ve helped these businesses manage their output on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, blogs and much more. We can help you too.

Social Media Services we offer:

Social Media Management

We can take care of the whole process. Including planning, strategy, content creation, posting, advertising and responding to messages. As part of the process we include your team so they understand what’s happening and we’ll report back with the results of your campaigns.

Social Media Consulting & Training

If you have the team in place to post the day to day content, but just need some help understanding what you should be doing and on what networks, we can help you.  We can carry out consultations face to face or remotely, and our training sessions can last from half a day to 1 week.

Social Media Content Creation

Let us create the content for you. Video, images, blogs and more. We’ve got you covered. We’re experts in engaging content and we’ll visit your premises, understand your business and create content that reflects what you do.

Social Media Talks & Events

We’ve talked social media at tourism conferences, car dealer conferences, food events and even social media conferences themselves.  If you’d like us to talk digital at your next event, get in touch.

Some of our success stories.

Barra Berries only external marketing is on social media. After 1 year of business they had to expand their premises to cope with demand. Over the summer their Facebook posts regularly reach over 60,000 people a week.
Luscombe Suzuki saw a 36% rise in used car sales after 6 months of us managing their social media output.
A targeted Facebook Advertising campaign brought Granite City Fish 55,000 reach, 30,000 views, 400 new likes and genuine new customers after only 5 days. It cost them only 1p per engagement.
Jim Reid Vehicle Sales was our first ever client. Jim now estimates over 20% of his sales come directly through Facebook.
Find out how we can help build your online presence to increase your sales