How to find your Twitter stats

Staying on top of everything in social media circles is tough job and if you are managing multiple accounts then staying on top of your own can often be left neglected.

There are several software packages out there that can make it easy for you to glance at the headlines, but what if you are on a budget?  Why pay when you can get something for free?  Something that is becoming less and less frequent for the hard working marketer.

Get under the Twitter hood and take a look at ‘Analytics’. This feature has been available for several months but it is something that not many people know exists. It’s full of valuable data, engagement rates, retweets, favourites, link clicks stats, it’s all there!

To access your stats, first log in to your Twitter account in a web browser and then visit From there it’s laid out for you to grab in a near instant.

For now Twitter, you are fine doing as you are, but it is predicted this year that Twitter will introduce a Facebook style algorithm where you’ll have to really work (and possibly pay) for your message to be seen.