Facebook’s new SEE FIRST feature


There is a new feature that has just been introduced to Facebook – it’s called See First. Right now you may see it, or you may not, as it is only being trialled across a small selection of users.  But it’s coming to all users very soon.

What does it do?

It’s pretty much the opposite of the hide posts function. It’s a way of telling Facebook you want to see more of this in your News Feed.

We all know by now that Facebook’s News Feed is a strange beast. A complex series of algorithms that decide what we see.  Without it we’d be subjected to thousands of items a day, far too much for the normal user to sift through (unless like me you spend far too much time in your day refreshing your News Feed).

By selecting SEE FIRST on your friends profile, or on a page that you like, Facebook will prioritise posts from that friend or page in your News Feed list. That’s great! More of the things you want to see and fewer of the things you could not care less about.

Like many Facebook announcements these days, it makes the experience for the everyday user better and the experience for the business user even more difficult.

It’s good news and bad news for businesses and changes the game yet again for our social media clients in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

It’s Bad news because it makes it even harder to gain organic reach.  If your audience haven’t ticked you as a See First page, you’re going to battling against all the profiles and pages they have.  Organic reach is already at an all-time low for some – and this is only going to make it worse.

But it’s good news for those who spend time and effort perfecting their pages and creating genuine content that engage, entertain and inform. It’s another step away from the pages that purely sell sell sell all the time. If your users tick the See First option on your page then it is one less thing to worry about in the fight against Facebook’s complicated News Feed algorithm. Getting someone to like your page will be easy in comparison to getting them to tick See First.

Will it make a difference? It’s too early to say.  Like I said, the feature is still being rolled out so the uptake statistics don’t exist yet. But it’s worth keeping an eye on and a stark reminder that those using Facebook purely to sell and not engage that they are wasting their time.