Signage Display Solutions

Regardless of the size or the orientation of the screen your assets can be shown off to the public whilst the control of the display is something you’ll never need to worry about. From Car Dealerships, Fast Food Takeaway’s to Shopping Centres.

From an office LCD TV to 8 foot vertical display

It sounds old fashioned to put creative content on a display screen instead of pushing it out onto timelines.  But its exactly what we do when we deploy your storytelling assets to a display screen and allow footfall to consume your messaging.

And best of all, once installed It’s then all taken care of in the cloud.  We only need a wireless connection and we’ll take care of everything for you.

For all kinds of displays starting from an LED TV

Its easy to assume that all display screens need to be like those you find in shopping centres or all weather solutions halfway down Union Street Aberdeen.  But the truth is that it can much more straight forward and cost effective than what you might first expect.

Indeed for C&M McDonald, Kintore that’s exactly the route they took for their new Subaru showroom and the results are quite stunning.  Professionally wall mounted, large screen LED with eye catching video content displaying perfectly.   Each digital asset running seamlessly into the next and their Digital Signage all controlled remotely for them.

Regardless the size of installation to find out more how Weightman Digital can help you with your Digital Signage solution don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Weightman Digital display screens