It's more than just followers, likes and comments...

The benefits of Content Marketing or Social Media marketing are clear.  Driving traffic to your website, obtaining leads, more video views, brand awareness and more.  We all want it, but these days many are fighting for the attention of your next lead.

So stand out content is more important than ever.  We like to call it ‘Stop the Thumb’ content, as that is exactly what it is intended to do.  We can find your perfect audience, deliver your brand message with content that leaves the strongest impression and drive new leads to your website, inbox or phone line.

But really.  It’s all about telling your story in easy to understand, bite size chunks. We’ve helped a huge range of clients with all kinds of content.  Let’s see how we can help you next.

Story telling content pushed in front of your target audience.  Professionally crafted with the ability to retarget your audience.  This is the best means of digital advertising spend.

But let's not forget the data! Our client campaigns have defined objectives with appropriate benchmarks that we meet along the way. We assess the data, report to our clients and when required, tweak accordingly.  Only by doing all these things, can we bring measurable ROI to our clients.

A plan that’s created just for you

Weightman Digital provide clients with a monthly management of your social accounts, including the development of your strategy that will naturally evolve from one month to the next when different objectives are set depending on your business activities, seasonal changes etc.

Professionally made, stand out content is produced for your channels including Video which has proven to give the most consistent results for organic and paid campaigns.  We report back with the data that shows us exactly what has been most effective and to which demographic segment which in turn, proves your return of investment.

What won’t we do?  Post garbage on your account to look busy!  (There’s enough of that out there already)

What it brings you

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Tailor Made Content - Including professional Video
  • Advertising Campaigns managed and fully optimised
  • Retargeting options

Don’t be put off.  Let’s keep this simple.

When a visitor lands on your website you have a unique opportunity to reconnect with that visitor once they have left.  Via the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads and Youtube.

The increase of traffic to your site can increase exponentially, conversion rates can also jump dramatically when the balance of targeted ads on the appropriate platform, to the right audience segment with the appropriate budget is managed properly with great content.

Targeting your campaign is one thing….. retargeting your visitors with high quality content is another altogether.

We can help you with the strategy to do this most effectively.  We have lot’s of experience.

Social Signals

Social media marketing is more than just posting on Facebook or Twitter. When your company publishes content on a social media platform, it affects your entire online presence. Social content creates backlinks to your website, builds your digital authority, and improves your search engine optimization (SEO). Google and Bing both take your company’s social signals into account when determining its search engine ranking, utilizing collective data generated by your social media platforms to evaluate your site’s credibility. The more data you have, the better your ranking.

A keen understanding of this aspect of social media marketing is vital to your digital marketing success. Get noticed and drive traffic to your website with social signals.

Results Driven Approach

It's easy to imagine what 'Results Driven' creative marketing might mean. But just for complete transparency...We use the best creative, that's pushed to your perfect audience. We craft marketing strategies for our client campaigns that have proper objectives and have appropriate benchmarks that we meet along the way. We assess the data properly, report to our clients and when required, tweak accordingly. Our content is made to 'Stop Thumbs' get you noticed and most importantly make a lasting impression.

Only by doing all these things, can we bring measurable ROI to our clients.