Car Dealers – its time to learn about RETARGETING

Content is King, Long live the King.

When it comes to something new that’s never been done before, you generally get two types of people: the early adopters and those late to the party.

I’ve always considered myself (with the exception of buying my first mobile phone years after everyone else) in the early camp. I’m happy to test things, download the beta version, fail, learn, regroup then try again until I either see it’s true worth or I push it onto the ‘not for me’ pile.

Facebook marketing saw my business partner David Lewis and I as early adopters, beta testers then ultimately early advocators and champions of it’s incredible power to any business – including ours!

We jumped ship from our old jobs of radio broadcasters working in ‘Radio Marketing’ to something that was new, and completely unique. Unique in the sense as it offered a two way communication and opportunity for your message to be ‘pushed’ to a wider audience for free.

When it all began, those who were most interested in jumping onboard were after one thing – exposure. ‘Get my name out there’ they’d say as we’d teach them the basic principle of Inbound Marketing, creating content that wasn’t about the sale but more about the personal part of the business. The people behind it, the community in which they are part of, seasonal differences and even current affairs and the political landscape if there was an obvious tie in. This would then be used to grow an audience while peppering messages about your car stock in order to draw attention to it.

Everything always starts with the content, get it right and your exposure will just happen as with great content comes engagement. Every time someone likes, comments or shares, they expose your content to their friends and the viral count begins (oh how we all love the viral count).

Essentially what happens is ordinary Facebook users end up promoting you and your services, all for free.

Now a few years have passed since our first online training course FB For The Forecourt and it’s now onto volume 2 where we are talk about all the latest strategies in the ever changing landscape that is the world’s largest social media network.

The principles of inbound marketing haven’t changed – but many businesses have started to realise they need to boost/promote their posts in order to be seen above all the noise. They’ve also realised that the opportunity to market yourself on Facebook through advertising can be done at a fraction of the cost that you might have needed to budget for marketing through traditional outlets in the past.

But it’s not just as simple as hitting BOOST.

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook advertising as we head into 2017.

The majority of people who use Facebook for business know about the targeting opportunity, to tap into the vast database of it’s users who are hooked to the network (average login times are 13 per day). But just targeting people is merely the first link in the chain.

The smart users, the ones that will win over all of the others and rule the magical kingdom of Facebook for business, will retarget users with content that is purposed purely for them.

These users are tested with one piece of content first, and only if they engage or show an interest would you want to pay to have your content in front of them again.

Without a doubt more and more businesses are jumping onto Facebook and are attempting to be seen. We have witnessed for ourselves what a heavily populated area with many many car dealers in the same space trying to stand out is like.

As the space becomes crowded, standing out becomes more and more difficult. There has never been a stronger case for good, creative, engaging content.

This is why, as digital marketing strategists we provide a multi-media content service including video. As a result we are rammed with work.

Content is King – long live the king.

But remember, what you should do with that content is not to simply ‘boost’ or ‘target’ users, you need to be ‘retargeting’ too.

As for the content, it should not look like a newspaper advert, or a TV advert in the case of video. Remember people are not looking at Facebook to see adverts. (For more information on this, see our video about the 3 second audition).

Facebook for the Forecourt is available online now. It’s an online training course designed just for car dealers. We can show you what you need to know, that will ultimately sell you more cars.