About Weightman Digital

neil weightman at desk

Quick Personal Summery.

In 2011, after nearly two decades working in Local Radio I decided it was time to hang up my headphones and embark on a new journey.  My jaw would often drop at the number of people engaging with the online social media content v’s the actual number of Radio listeners.   To me, at that point I could see what would happen to advertising money, as business would inevitably (at some point) invest in ‘Digital Marketing’.   So I started selling Social Media services…learning largely from personal experience, trial and error and lot’s of online courses.  How things have changed!


With it I embraced Video making something that had been a part-time hobby.  I understood where Video was headed and before long it went from being of a rarity/novelty to a necessity in helping to sway or ‘influence’ with the decision making process.

So it was a very deliberate decision to also offer Website Development solutions, as these three services go hand in hand.

Since lockdown, business HQ has become home in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire – where I have access to a custom built studio for recording those voice overs and healthy office space to sit an every growing set of workstations.

I personally take on the Management of all projects, occasionally I will team up with other freelancing experts. But I’m personally involved and getting my ‘hands dirty’ with all projects – I don’t just turn to another freelancer and ‘Manage’ the project, I understand it properly, and get involved way beyond just ‘talking the talk’.  Else – I leave it alone.

How I can help your business

When would you get in touch?  When you are in need of a new Digital Partner who are results driven and can work our magic to drive traffic, leads and make a real difference to your business.