A little bit about us:

As consumers we have all become experts at blocking out sales messages. Repeated calls to action no longer work. Neil Weightman Digital Media Solutions strength is to bring the audience to you.

We find your audience and engage with it, creating trust as a bi-product. This is Inbound Marketing – marketing at its most powerful.

We use Social Media to drive traffic, footfall, trust, email lists and raise awareness in the process.

We are creative content creators with a purpose. We also make incredible websites and brilliant video. It’s all about engagement through great content.

We were on the radio collectively for more than 30 years. During that time we learned to understand audiences, engage with them, relate to them, win their trust and ultimately sell to them. In the radio world selling would involve getting the listener to take part in a competition, respond to a sponsored ‘read’ from a local business or just keeping tuned in over an advert break.

It’s those skills that translate perfectly to what we do now. Engage with your audience online, build up a trust and over time sell to them. Only this time we’re not selling radio airtime, we’re selling your product.

We’re Neil and David and we run Neil Weightman Digital Media Solutions – a Scottish based Digital Marketing agency with clients around the UK and further afield.

About Neil Weightman…
… but written by David.

I’m always amazed at Neil’s ability to come up with an idea. Take any subject, give Neil 30 minutes and he’ll come up with an idea that could sell any product to any person.

I remember on the radio when we were giving away hotel rooms as a prize. We were needing a way to make it a bit more WOW and Neil came up with not just giving away the hotel room, but giving away the whole rock n’ roll package. The prize culminated in the prize winner getting to throw a TV out of the hotel room window! We had to organise men in fluorescent jackets, traffic restrictions and cherry pickers. All thanks to Neil.

He doesn’t switch off. Ever. And has incredible attention to detail. So be prepared to have him working on your account at 2am.

About David Lewis…
… but written by Neil.

Ever seen the movie ‘The Matrix’? The green binary code that flashes up and down on the screen? Well that’s how David Lewis’s brain is wired, he understands digital stuff, online coding, protocols and just, well – stuff.

Before the internet came along I’d bet he was lost, stood in the middle of a windy field in Shetland surrounded by sheep looking desperate.

He’s not full on nerd by any account which means he can hold a conversation with the best of us, it’s just his curious mind working out how to do things digital that makes him very, very different.

Sensible but very happy, smart and curiously creative a thinker who’s logical and doesn’t flinch under pressure.

Now you know a bit about us, we’d love to find out more about you. Get in touch and let us know how we can help with your online digital presence.